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Industrial coatings

Industrial coatings are a key necessity in many industries that exist today such as the agriculture industry, the food industry and chemical industries. These coatings are designed to provide optimum machinery protection against weathering, chemical abrasion, corrosion and much more.  


We stock some of the very finest road marking and line marking paints, with a selection of chlorinated rubber paints, 1 pack epoxy, 2 pack epoxy and water based paints to choose from.

Our line of high quality coatings will provide your machinery with the best protection possible. We stock a large number of professional industrial coatings brands including PPG and Pronto Paints. Our extensive selection covers all major industries and machinery types, so you can rest assured knowing we have what you need.  

High quality coatings

At Acorn Decorators Merchants Ltd, we can provide you with professional advice to help you find the most suitable industrial coating for your needs. We also provide free technical advice, literature and on-site guidance if required.

All manufacturers specifications available.

Professional advice

High quality industrial coatings and professional advice.

For further information about our range of industrial coatings, call:

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